Contact Me

Contact Me

Email: vancl023(at)umn(dot)edu

Phone: (612) 900 – 9992

Private Lessons

I can teach from my apartment in St Paul, MN or I can travel to teach in home lessons (for an additional charge).

$50- Hour Lesson

$40- 45min Lesson

$30- 30min Lesson*

I will only offer 30 minutes lessons for students under 10 on a case by case basis. These students will be required to travel to me.


I perform for parties, weddings, and corporate events as a solo cellist; additionally, if you are looking for an ensemble, I can organize string quartets, trios, and duets.

$125 per musician for the 1st hour + $50 per musician for additional hours

Where can I rent a cello?

There are many excellent options to choose from in the twin cities. A few places that my students have rented from:

Groth Music in Bloomington, MN-

All Strings Attached in Golden Valley and Stillwater, MN-

Quinn Violins in Minneapolis, MN-

Schmitt Music (Multiple Locations), MN-

Cadenza Music in Saint Paul, MN-

Fein Violins in Saint Paul, MN-

House of Note in St. Louis Park, MN-

Items New Cellists Need

Endpin Holder The endpin is the protruding metal (or carbon fiber) spike that supports the weight of the cello. The holder keeps the cello from sliding around and damaging the floor. There are many different kinds of endpin holders; however, I highly encourage students to purchase holders with straps that anchor the cello to the chair. The Xeros Endpin Anchor is a classic choice.


Metronome/Tuner These tools are the musician’s lifeline. A metronome  produces an adjustable steady rhythm of clicks or beats to help assist musicians in keeping time. A tuner will be used at the beginning of every practice session to make sure that a.) the strings are tuned to the correct pitches and b.) that the correct notes are being played. You can buy these items separately but I suggest that you buy them both as one device. I recommend the Korg TM-40 Large Display Digital Tuner and Metronome.

Korg Tuner

Rosin The bow of the cello is made up of wood and horse hair. Without rosin to run the bow across before playing, the hair does not have enough traction to grab the metal strings. Rosin produces a fine white sticky residue. I am personally a fan of the Minneapolis- based company, Magic Rosin. One of its novelties is that the rosin is clear with a custom background. You can choose from a variety of fun designs that make a mundane task like putting on rosin feel a little more special!  I suggest purchasing the Ultra formula for more grip.


Polishing Cloth- Rosin residue build up on the instrument will lower sound quality. Clean up after each rehearsal with a polishing cloth and re-rosin your bow the next time you pick up the instrument.


Suzuki Cello Book ( we will discuss which book you need after I assess your level)– Suzuki books offer an excellent mastery based progression through classic cello literature.Suzuki

Sight Reading Is Easy (Tanya  Carey)- My choice of sight-reading sequence! Tanya Carey is an accomplished Suzuki Cello Teacher and a true inspiration. Her materials are great for preparing students to be musically literate.

Sight reading is easy

Portable Stand-You will need a stand to hold your music. Do yourself a favor and avoid the cheap wire stand. I am a fan of the Peak music stands. They fold up nicely and fit into a carrying case.

Music Stand


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